Check out the “weird behavior” of dogs! Can laugh at the shit shovel officer! How many times can you hold on without laughing?


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Nowadays, more and more people keep dogs, and dogs have become an important member of our family. It has also brought a lot of fun to our lives.

So let’s take an inventory today, some of the “weird behaviors” of dogs are really funny!

Part 1:: Strange sleeping position

“Look at my legs, they’re pretty! I want to show off even when I’m sleeping!”

“Who? Who is it? Even squeezing my face while sleeping, it must be the one who shovels shit!”

“Let’s just say, will sleeping like this make you stiff!”

“I’m swimming, don’t disturb me!”

“Mom! A lot of delicious food, don’t wake me up!”

Part 2: Catch TV with the shit shoveling officer

“Shoveling shit, come over and change the platform for me!”

“Is it trapped inside? Save it, save it!”

“Children only watch cartoons! I want to watch Tom and Jerry, it’s a documentary, hum!”

“Wow! Such a dish, this is not included, let me come!”

Part 3: Weird sitting posture

“What are you looking at, didn’t you see that we were whispering!”

“What’s the matter, shit shovel, call me something?”

“I didn’t expect, hehe, this sofa is quite comfortable!”

Part 4: Various play dead skills

“Hit me? After watching a dragon subduing eighteen lying down!”

“I don’t, I won’t return! You think I’m dead!”

“Ah! You lost it to me and lost money!”

“Can’t see me, can’t see me! If I cover my eyes, then I can’t see me!”

Not all dogs can play dead like this! Some dogs are self-taught because of their cleverness, while others are taught by their owners.

The above are some “weird behaviors” of dogs. I wonder if all the shit shoveling officers have the same experience!

In fact, there are so many strange behaviors of dogs, all of which are related to the owner’s breeding. The owner loves the dog, and the dog will naturally live carefree, relaxed, and more energetic.

Conclusion: What strange behavior does your dog have?

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