The dog clings to the little master and makes him back, the little master is so tired lying down begging for mercy, his energy is so terrifying, the dog: get up and play~

Golden Retriever is the most emotional and most humane among many dogs. They belong to the type that must be repaid by a well-deserved water drop, so the golden retriever is loved by many people.

My friend’s child especially likes dogs. Every time I go out to play in the park or in the square and see other people walking the dog, I have to run up and touch the dog. I am worried that he will be bitten by the dog and buy it for the child because he likes dogs very much. got a golden retriever. Not to mention, after raising the golden retriever, a lot of things have changed in the children. The little owner likes dogs very much. Every time there is delicious food, he will leave it to the dog to eat. He also often plays with the dog and walks around the house with the dog on his back. The dog also knows that the little master treats him very well and loves the little master very much.

The little owner carried the dog tired and lay on the sofa and played with the tablet computer. The dog stopped working immediately when he saw it. He immediately ran to the little master’s back, begging the little master to play with him. Usually, the dog will not disturb the little master when he is doing his homework, and the dog must play games or play with the little master with his little master.

In the end, the little master couldn’t resist the dog’s pursuit, so he had to lie on the sofa and beg for mercy. However, the dog will not let the little master easily, and the dog who likes the little master runs over and hugs the little master. I begged the little owner to play with it for a while, the dog is still energetic, but the little owner is a child after all, and his physical strength and energy are not as strong as the dog, so he has to let the dog.

With such a dog, the child also has less time to play with electronic products, and at the same time increases the child’s fun, and also cultivates the relationship between the child and the dog, which is really meaningful.

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