A fruit vendor adopts a stray dog, and the dog repays it in this way. As a result, the business is booming every day.

Nowadays, we can see stray dogs on the streets of almost every city. They not only have to eat and sleep in the open air, but also often cannot get enough to eat. They have to find food in garbage heaps to survive. A fruit vendor saw that a stray dog ​​in the vegetable market could only pick up garbage on the ground every day to eat, so he felt pity and adopted it.

Although she is only a small vendor family and is not rich, she still insists on adopting it, at least to ensure that it will have enough food every day. Since then, every time the vendors set up their stalls, the dogs would come along, and the price-marking cardboard that was originally put aside, the dogs would squat on the side every day, motionless and very obedient.

Many passers-by were attracted by this puppy, and over time, the business of the vendors became very popular every day. It turns out that the saying “dogs get rich” is true. A kind-hearted vendor adopted a poor dog, and the dog used this method in return. It makes people feel that there are still many good people in this world. I hope everyone They can do their best to help stray animals.