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The dog demolished the house to make trouble, and was sealed on the wall for education by the owner. The picture couldn’t bear to look directly at it. Dog: I was wrong! next time


Many people think that demolition is the most terrifying only for huskies. In fact, this is not the case. Most dogs will demolition, but as medium and large dogs, their destructive power is stronger, and demolition is even more terrifying. of. In addition to huskies, Erha’s silly big brother Alaskan also loves to tear down homes. I remember that when my friend’s Alaska was 4 months old, he could take out a hole in the wall of his house and go straight to the next door neighbor’s house. I really don’t know it. Why are the claws so powerful.

A dog owner on the Internet has an Alaska at home, and the dog owner often shares the daily life of his Alaska demolition on the live broadcast platform. Don’t look at this guy like a donkey, it’s really a shaved Alaska.

In order to prevent Alaska from being demolished, the dog owner decided to seal up Alaska. He directly “trapped” Alaska in a circle with tape, and also wrapped tape around Alaska’s feet… In addition, the dog owner is still in front of Alaska. Putting a kitchen knife, is this demolition of the house to eat dog meat?

Seal + intimidation, now Alaska will not dare to demolish the house, let alone demolish the house, if it is like this, this Alaska will not even dare to move.

Host: Are you capable of continuing to demolish the house?

Alaska: No, no, no.

Alaska: I dare not move, I dare not move, even if China Mobile does not dare to move.

Raising a second-hand dog, people and dogs will always go crazy. This Alaska is still relatively obedient. If I change it to my friend’s house, I can break the seal in minutes and then gnaw and tear it apart. In addition to being energetic and difficult to train, Alaskan dogs are also beneficial. When they grow up, they are fluffy, like a large hug bear, and they look cute and honest.

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