Cats secretly caressed their little hands while their little master was asleep, which attracted a lot of netizens to sigh, so warm

A master took a video of his pet pet stealing the little master while he was sleeping, and it went viral, attracting a lot of netizens to sigh, it’s so warm, it’s trying to touch him.

Seeing the little master sleeping in his crib, surrounded by a fence, the kitten tried to lie on the edge of the fence, stretched out its paws to touch the little master, but did not touch the little master several times, and then shyly wiggled and leaned to the side. The little head, finally reaching the little master’s hand, kept patting it a few times.

It’s so cute. The cat’s movements are so gentle. It can be seen that he likes the little master very much, and he keeps wanting to touch the little master’s hand.

Some netizens said: Don’t let cats touch children, it’s not good for sprayers, don’t let cats play with children, it’s not good for cats.

Some netizens said: Look carefully, the cat didn’t stretch out its paws, it was the pad that touched the little baby’s hand lightly. Don’t think too much about the little cat! Normal domestic cats are fully vaccinated and will not suddenly scratch the baby.

Some netizens also said: Meow: Only one after 10 months? Just this one? It should be fine if I touch it a few times! Light-handed, so cute, the kitten is curious about the baby and so gentle!

What do you have to say about this? Isn’t this cat so cute? 

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