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Erha learns that the hostess forcibly occupies the toilet and learns to act like a dog. The whole family is amused by it: Master, this is a master!


Among all dogs, Erha’s imitation ability should be excellent. The dog sees a lot of actions from the owner, and he doesn’t need to watch it a second time. These things make Erha’s image worse, anyway, Erha learns things so fast! How come no one said Erha is smart! The hostess has an Erha, who is very smart and has a first-class imitation ability, but has developed a lot of bad habits, and nothing else.

Once, the hostess ate the wrong thing and had diarrhea, so she had to go to the toilet quickly. When she was in a hurry to go to the toilet, she saw her Erha squatting on the toilet, and the dog looked at the shit shovel officer helplessly. The shit shoveling officer has the same expression, how did this dog learn to use the toilet? The shit shoveling officer was really in a hurry, so he had to go back to the toilet in his master room. When he left, he didn’t forget to stuff Erha with a roll of tissue paper. Erha, you have to learn something, and learn a little like it! What do you want to do by occupying the toilet all day?

I don’t care about Erha for the time being. It’s the most important thing for the hostess to go to the bathroom first. When the hostess went to the toilet and ran here, she even saw Erha using the toilet. The tissue in Erha’s mouth was still there. The dog barked, and the dog left the toilet. In the next week, Erha was basically like this. Is it very comfortable? The owner is very puzzled, when did this dog learn to go to the toilet?

Erha watched the shit shoveling officer come back, and smiled, hehe! Did not expect it! I’m still squatting in the pit! Erha also learned a lot of weird behavior. Of course, many of these are bad habits of the shit shoveling officer. Erha has become more dog-like when he learns it. There will be such a two ha! If you don’t study the good ones, you just study the bad things all day long. Do you think this is a good dog!

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