Do not doubt! If a dog “trusts” you, it will send out these 5 signals!

Dogs have always been praised by people as the most loyal animals and the best companions of our human beings! But what we need to know is that the premise of a dog’s loyalty to its owner is to trust the owner.

Only when you trust the master enough will you love the master and be loyal to the master! And a dog that trusts its owner will send out these signals, let’s take a look.

“I would like to show your belly”

The dog’s belly is a very fragile place, where it is close to the organs and internal organs, and it is easy to endanger life if it is hit.

Therefore, it is generally not exposed easily, but if your dog is willing to reveal its belly to you and like to be touched by you, it proves that it really trusts you!

“Be Your Little Follower”

A dog that trusts its owner will obey the owner’s words, trust the owner’s words, and do whatever the owner tells it to do.

At the same time, it will closely follow the master, be the master’s valet, and be ready to serve the master at all times!

“All kinds of “stickers” with you”

The dog’s sense of smell is very sensitive, and they will distinguish things by smell. If it feels that a thing is trustworthy, it will often rub off and leave the smell that belongs to it, so that it can distinguish it well.

So if your dog often “sticks” to you and rubs against you in various ways, it proves that it trusts you and wants to leave a scent on you!

“I would like to share food with you”

Dogs are very possessive, especially for food. It is their nature to protect food, which is why so many dogs bite people because of food protection.

So they don’t share food with others casually, and they don’t like others to touch their food, but if your dog takes the initiative to share food with you, he will bring his favorite food to share with you every time. That proves that it really trusts you!

“I like to sleep with you”

When dogs sleep, they are unprepared and easily attacked. They know it, so they are especially vigilant every time they sleep, and they dare not fall asleep, or find a secret and safe corner to fall asleep.

Then, if your dog likes to sleep on your bed, or if it is clinging to you, it means that he trusts your performance very much, because as long as you are there, he can feel safe and treat you well. Very relieved!

For this phenomenon, many shit shoveling officers feel more troubled. If you let the dog go to bed, it is easy to get dog hair on the bed, and it is very troublesome to clean up, especially in the changing season, it is more serious, so Will refuse the dog to go to bed.

Conclusion: Does your dog have these performances?

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