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The dog suddenly makes a “woooo” sound, which is telling you that something is going to happen!


I don’t know if the pet owner is paying attention. Sometimes my dog ​​will whine suddenly. What is this doing? I’m here to tell you today that in fact, the dog will suddenly whine to tell you that something is going to happen!

1. There is something happening around the house, and the dog is on alert

Dogs’ sense of smell and hearing are much better than those of humans. Dogs can hear some very small sounds and make corresponding alert gestures.

So when the dog senses a stranger passing by the door, or something bad is about to happen, it will whine to tell the owner that there is something going on outside.

At this time, the pet owner can go to see the direction the dog is staring at. If there is nothing wrong, please calm the dog and let it calm down.

2. It may be telling you that someone has passed away

In some rural areas, there is a legend that a dog whine is like crying, which is a sign of bad luck.

So whenever a dog purrs is heard, people get nervous because something bad is about to happen.

Many people think it is superstition, but some netizens said that in the place where he used to live, he heard the dog purring for several days in a row, and then an old man died near his house.

3. The body is uncomfortable and feels the pain is venting

Many dogs come to our country from foreign countries, and it is inevitable that they will not be acclimatized to the soil and water, and if the dog is not feeling well, it will not be able to tell.

At this time, the dog can only express some behaviors, and purring is one of them. If your dog is lying on the corner and purring and looking down, it may be sick.

The pet owner can observe whether the dog is injured or not. If not, it is best to take the dog to see a doctor as soon as possible.

4. The pet owner forgets to feed, the dog is reminding you

Dogs attach great importance to food. Although dogs can skip one or two meals, they will also feel hungry, so when the pet owner forgets to feed the dog and makes the dog hungry, the dog will remind you.

The general way to remind is to whine at the place to eat, so as to remind the pet owner that he has not fed, and hope that the pet owner can prepare dog food for himself in time.

5. The pet owner ignores it for a long time, and the dog feels sad

Today’s dogs are very clingy to their owners. In their hearts, the owner is their own world, so when the owner ignores it for a long time, the dog will feel abandoned by the world.

If it is a dog with a more sensitive personality, it will whine to express its sadness. If the pet owner ignores it, it will even become depressed.


Does your dog purr suddenly?

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