Netizens Home Bomei hair loss is too serious, even jiojio are bald, photos posted to the Internet to laugh at tens of thousands of netizens: Is this not a parrot?

Hair for dogs, just like hair for humans, as long as the hair is not good, then no matter how good the facial features are blind. Recently, a netizen shared his own Bomei, before hair removal, it is an elegant princess, after hair removal, it is unbearable to see!

1 Before the hair is lost: the fluffy little princess Bomei has always been a dog breed loved by all kinds of pet owners, and they have always been the little princess in the hearts of netizens.

For example, the Bomei of this pet owner’s family, before hair removal, it is very good-looking, like a little princess.

2 After hair loss: Chicken or dog When this little Hiromi goes through the hair removal period, all the beauty has become a memory. I saw the little Hiromi after the hair removal, looking at it from a distance, like a bald little parrot.

Look closely at its shedding paws, which are more like bird paws than dog paws.

After hair removal, the hairs on the ears also disappeared, and sometimes looking at Bo mei was more like looking at a lump of white protruding things.

Many netizens laugh at the appearance of this Bomei on the Internet, but its pet owner is very patient, believing that as long as the Bomei hair removal period passes, it will become back to the proud little princess ~

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