The shivering kitten hiding under the car on a rainy day tried her best to seek help from humans.

The average lifespan of stray cats is only three years, and most stray cats return to cats when they are kittens. The average stray cat mother will give birth to 4 to 6 kittens per litter. Due to congenital defects, physical diseases, physical differences and other reasons, only 2 to 3 can survive.

For the smooth reproduction of the race, some stray cat mothers will even give up their weaker kittens. Some people may think that the cat mothers are too cruel, but stray cats are not pet cats that do not worry about food and clothing. They have limited resources and energy. Under the premise, giving up is the best solution.

It is almost impossible for a helpless little stray cat to live on its own strength. Many kittens have not had time to take a good look at the world, and have finished their short lives.

Little stray cat howling in the rain

To be honest, at the first sight of this little guy, Miss Sister really didn’t recognize it as a cat! It’s body is gray, and it walks tremblingly, as thin as a piece of paper. It wasn’t until it made a “meow” meow that the young lady realized that it was actually a cat.

At that time, it was raining heavily outside, and people were anxious to go home, and almost no one paid attention to the kitten under the car.

The kitten’s body has been drenched by the rain, and it trembled uncontrollably. It couldn’t do anything but howled helplessly in the rain. The noisy rain was mixed with cat meowing, which made it extremely uncomfortable to listen to.

The little sister also raised a cat. After seeing the cat’s bad condition, she couldn’t walk. She knew that if she didn’t help the kitten, it would not survive this level.

Miss and sister are not sure to catch the cat, if it keeps hiding under the car and can’t come out, there is nothing I can do to help it.

What the little sister didn’t expect was that when she squatted down and called the kitten, the little guy didn’t hesitate and ran straight to her, and the little sister caught the little guy so effortlessly.

kitten is sick

The little sister quickly sent the kitten to the pet hospital. Even though she was mentally prepared, after seeing the medical report of the cat, her heart couldn’t help but twitch.

The kitten was only two months old, but was severely malnourished, and was also infected with skin diseases and herpes virus, which has caused ulcerative conjunctivitis. Even the doctor was not sure whether the cat could survive.

As for the black oil on the kitten’s body, the pet doctor thinks that it may have accidentally rubbed it when it went to the bottom of the car to warm up, but this little guy has black oil all over his body and even his ears. not that simple.

No matter what the cat has experienced in the past, it is fortunate that it met a kind young lady, and all the hardships are over. The young lady only hopes that this little guy can survive this test and live well.

Probably because the cat is already “full of cats”, there is no extra space to accommodate the kitten. After a few days of treatment, the kitten’s condition began to improve, and the appetite slowly recovered, and he ate a small amount in one go. Bowl of wet food.

The cat who had a full meal, lay lazily in the arms of the young lady, and started to clean the fur on its own, probably it couldn’t stand so many dirty things stuck on it!

After being adopted, its appearance counterattacks

After the cat’s condition was stable, the little sister took it home. The smart kitten seemed to know that the little sister was her savior, looked at it tenderly, and acted affectionately.

The soles of the cats’ feet, because of the many wounds that have been rubbed off while walking, can see that the young lady is distressed. Worried that the kitten would lick all the grease into its stomach, the young lady bathed it.

That layer of grease had penetrated into the kitten’s skin, like a thick armor, tightly covering the cat’s body, and simple warm water couldn’t wash it off at all.

After rubbing repeatedly with the special shower gel, the oil was melted away a little bit. As the water turned from clear to turbid again and again, the kitten’s coat was revealed little by little, and it was actually a white cat!

When the cat’s hair is moistened with water, its real figure is displayed unreservedly in front of the young lady. The neck is as thick as a human thumb, and there is no flesh on the body, which is thinner than expected. The little sister couldn’t help crying, how much suffering did it suffer when it was a small one wandering alone!

The exhausted meow star fell asleep on the blanket. At this time, it finally didn’t have to worry about having no fixed place and getting soaked in the sun and rain.

After waking up, it couldn’t wait to start eating again. It didn’t stop until its belly was bulging. Probably only when it was really hungry would it have such a strong obsession with food.

The little sister changed her method to make good food for the cat. I just hope that it will grow meat quickly and recover its vitality. The cat people are also very good. No matter their physical or mental state, they are getting better day by day.

Miss Sister has a lot of cats at home. This little guy is the most clingy cat she has ever seen. She always likes to stay by Miss Sister’s side and look at her with love. Maybe this is the commonality of stray cats!

Now, it has been nearly a year since the cat was brought home by the young lady. Can you recognize this beautiful white cat as the ugly and dirty skinny kitten before?

Under the careful care of Miss Sister, the cat has recovered to health and has become one of Miss Sister’s cats, and it is still the most beautiful one!

The little sister is very fortunate now. After the rain that day, she chose to go that way, met the little cutie, and rescued it from the predicament.

If you also encounter a cat who takes the initiative to ask for help, don’t hesitate to take it home directly, maybe it will give you a surprise!

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