The pet owner is “hypocritical” to keep a dog. The puppies are chained outside the door every day, but they also steal the community cat den as a kennel

If you have a dog just to keep the dog on a leash, it’s better not to have one!

Nowadays, some people are very pretentious and keep saying that they like dogs, but when the dogs come to the house, they are all disgusted.

Since you don’t want to be responsible for the dog, don’t take it home, lest the dog pay a lifetime of “loyalty” by mistake.

Recently, a blogger shared his neighbor’s “embarrassing thing about raising dogs”. The other party obviously didn’t like dogs, but he showed a look of reluctance to bear it. The poor thing is dogs after all.

“I have never seen it free.” Looking at the puppy in the green belt downstairs, the blogger felt both distressed and tired, and she was helpless.

The puppy should be a Bichon Bichon, with slightly scruffy hair, and can only curl up in a cardboard box to “keep out the cold”.

The puppy’s home is not far away, but it can’t live in a warm room. It can only stay outside and watch “family” every day.

This is what makes the blogger distressed. She doesn’t know why the neighbors downstairs don’t care more about the puppy. Even if the pet owner passes by the puppy, she won’t look too much.

However, whenever the owner passed by, the puppy would enthusiastically jump out of the cardboard box, wagging its tail to show cuteness to the owner… but it was only a helpless roar from him.

So every time the blogger opened the window, the extremely bored puppy would look at her, sometimes wagging its tail, and sometimes drooping its ears, eager for company.

Living in a good community, there is a small garden outside the house. It is said that the life of the pet owner is not bad. How can a puppy suffer outside?

Maybe someone in the family doesn’t like puppies, maybe they think they’re sloppy, or maybe the puppy made a mistake… For people who don’t really like dogs, there are countless reasons to “cold treatment” with dogs.

As for why bloggers are tired because of puppies, one is caused by puppies, and the other is caused by pet owners.

Since there is no one to accompany him, the dog that has been restrained is of course unhappy, and can only express his dissatisfaction by roaring.

But this makes the blogger very helpless. At five or six in the morning, she will hear the barking of the puppy; when she is about to go to bed at night, she will still hear the barking, how can it make people sleep?

The blogger also complained to the property for this… er, it turned out to be useless, after all, the unreasonable pet owner downstairs doesn’t care about other people’s opinions.

But if you say that the pet owner doesn’t feel bad for the puppy, that’s not entirely true, at least she is feeding the puppy, cleaning the puppy’s poop, and secretly going to the cat litter in the community for the puppy to sleep.

These cat dens were prepared by kind-hearted people for stray cats, but the pet owner took them back, probably because they found that the cat den was warmer than the cardboard box in which the puppies slept.

What is even more incomprehensible is that pet owners only go to the cat litter at night, and after the dog has slept all night, the cat litter is returned early the next morning, almost every day.

All this was naturally seen by the blogger. She wanted to persuade the pet owner, but then she thought that it was useless to persuade herself, and there might be quarrels.

It’s just pity for the puppy, it’s still so young, it’s already destined to live such a miserable life, what’s the difference between it and abandonment.

So, if you haven’t figured out how to be responsible for your dog’s life, don’t keep a dog lightly. Why bother each other?

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