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After the owner bought the imitation wolf skin rug, Erha became much more docile and well-behaved: I am willing to meow to you



Pets cute world → the warm nest of fur children. For a long time, whether happy or sad, the fur boy will always be by your side. Happiness is actually very simple. May the world’s dog stars be healthy and happy with their masters!


Erha, once the king of Siberia, the Husky was originally a very good sled dog, and their own strength and long-lasting transportation ability are very strong. This is also one of the reasons why some dog lovers are willing to transport them thousands of miles from Russia to China and breed them all over the world. The most important point is that although we call Husky Erha all day, Erha is not stupid, even a little smart. I believe that many friends who have raised Erha have a deep understanding.

Netizen: Ever since I bought an imitation wolfskin rug online, my family has always liked to tear up the house and destroy it, but it suddenly became a lot more obedient. I even wondered if it was related to a certain little one. The cats swap bodies.

Feel it, when Er Ha is by his side, all kinds of coquettish touches have to be on his stomach, or he is leaning against a person’s thigh like a kitten.

He will also stare at people’s cuteness and generosity with the cat’s hands shrinking. No matter how you look at it, this is a cat! Could it be that there really is soul exchange in this world?

Erha: “I’d like to be your kitty for the rest of my life. If you don’t say you love me, I’m also willing to meow to you. Meow! Meow~ meow~ Feel free to touch my belly, please meow meow~!”

It’s the first time I’ve seen such a well-behaved husky. It’s like a kitten. It would be nice if every Erha was so well-behaved. what do you say

I am Xiaopai, a pet editor who tells the story of fur boys. I hope my stories can make more people fall in love with fur boys.

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