Thank you for saving me! The golden retriever was rescued from the dog meat market, looking at the benefactor, the tears couldn’t be shed!

Many people like to keep pet dogs. They are very good to these pet dogs and treat them like family members. However, some people raise these pet dogs because of their temporary interest. These pet dogs will be abandoned, and some of these abandoned pet dogs have become stray dogs, while others have become food on people’s tables.

Netizen Xiao Zhang is a person who especially likes pet dogs. Once he was out shopping, he happened to pass a dog meat restaurant and saw a lot of customers inside. Xiao Zhang felt very sad. When he left the restaurant and came to the back of the restaurant, he found this place There is a cage, and there is a dog in the cage. The dog looks dull, as if he has a premonition of his own destiny.

Xiao Zhang took a closer look, and it turned out that there was a big golden retriever locked inside, and the big golden retriever looked very tired. When Xiao Zhang saw the big golden retriever, his pitiful eyes were very uncomfortable, so he planned to save the big golden retriever.

Xiao Zhang came to the restaurant to meet, and after communicating with the owner of the restaurant, he bought the big golden retriever with money. Xiao Zhang saw that the big golden retriever was very pitiful, so he took it home.

Shortly after returning home, Xiao Zhang saw a scene that shocked him. The big golden retriever knew that he had been saved by Xiao Zhang, and even shed tears. Seeing the tears shed by the big golden retriever, Xiao Zhang was immediately moved and sighed. Even such a smart big golden retriever will be sent to the restaurant.

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