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German Shepherd likes to hug the master to sleep, but the whole thing is on his head. Netizen: Is the master still breathing?



Pets cute world → the warm nest of fur children. For a long time, whether happy or sad, the fur boy will always be by your side. Happiness is actually very simple. May the world’s dog stars be healthy and happy with their masters!


German Shepherds are smart and easy to train, brave and loyal dogs, and are often bred as police dogs. In our minds, they are all very powerful dogs, but they are also cute at home. German Shepherd Kaos is a very clingy little cutie. Although he stands taller than the hostess, he must hold the hero when he sleeps. However, does the male owner really still breathe when he is crushed by such a heavy dog?

When some dog owners go to bed at night, they want to sleep with their dogs for super comfortable sleep. But Kaos, a 1-year-old German Shepherd from Melbourne, Australia, is the exact opposite! When it sleeps, it should not be held by its owner, but should be held by its owner. Kaos is a long-haired German German Shepherd with ears that were paralyzed on his head when he was a child, very cute. Although I liked being hugged by my master when I was a child, but when I grew up, I insisted on holding my master.

Kaos now stands taller than the hostess, but still a full-fledged baby. This day, the male host was so tired that he snored in sleep. Kaos was lying on the hostess’s position, hugging the host from the back, and resting his head on the shoulder of the host. The hostess walked in and saw that Kaos had gradually become sleepy, his eyes were silent, and his soul seemed to be sleepwalking.

Kaos likes to lie on the bed with the host very much. On the hostess’s birthday, he will lie on the bed and give her a fluffy hug as a gift, and let the hostess hug him. Even though she is much bigger than the hostess, she still has to be coquettish to ask for a hug. No matter how old the dog is, he is just a child at heart.

However, this heavyweight love is sometimes too heavy for the owner. After the host fell asleep that day, Kaos crawled to the pillow and hugged the host’s head. The male host completely disappeared between the comforter and Kaos’ furry feet. Being crushed by such a heavy dog, is the male owner sure he is still breathing?

Kaos is so sweet and coquettish that many owners are envious. The furry Kaos must be very comfortable to hold, and it must be very comfortable to hold it. If you sleep with such a coquettish little cutie, you may not want to get up. In winter, it’s super warm to hold a dog to sleep, but now it’s so hot in summer, let’s forget it.

Will your dog ignore his size and suddenly rush over to knock you down and act like a spoiled brat?

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