The Shiba Inu dog is so handsome that he is touched every time he goes out on the street. Shiba Inu: he is about to become bald

Today’s shit shoveling officers are getting younger and younger. Young shit shoveling officers have young ideas. The most distinctive thing is that they no longer keep dogs at home every day. Even when shopping or playing with friends, the owner will bring the dog with him. Dogs have become a must-have for shit shoveling officers to socialize, and dogs have really begun to integrate into their owners’ daily lives.

This Shiba Inu dog has been a little annoying recently, the main reason is that his own shit shovel officer takes the Shiba Inu dog out every day. It is said that dogs like to go out for a walk, but this Shiba Inu doesn’t like it at all. Because the shit shovel officer will carry the Shiba Inu dog behind his back every time he goes out, because the Shiba Inu looks cute, it often attracts the attention of many passers-by.

Especially those girls who like to take pictures, when they see the cute appearance of Shiba Inu dogs, they rush to take pictures. It’s not enough to just take pictures. Before taking pictures, everyone will reach out and touch the Shiba Inu dog’s head. This is where the Shiba Inu feels the most uncomfortable. Although the Shiba Inu dog is not as hard as the current programmers, it will become bald at every turn.

But doing this every day, Shiba Inu feels that the hair on his head is getting less and less day by day. The shit shoveling officer was delighted to know a lot of girl classmates, but the Shiba Inu dog was pitiful. When you go out for a walk, every day you go out is like a bag of luggage, and you can’t move freely. When I think of this Shiba Inu, I want to scold the shit shovel officer: “It’s almost done, I’m almost bald!”