The 6 most expensive dogs, is your dog on the list?


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Friends who have raised dogs know that raising a dog actually burns money, but there are even more money-burning ones. Next, the editor will answer the questions for you.

Afghan Hound:

Noble among dogs, the Afghan Hound has long silky hair and a slender body, full of aristocratic alienation and elegance. The Afghan Hound is very vigilant, has a strong sense of territory, and has a certain aggressiveness. Therefore, it needs a lot of living space, and the long silk hair needs to be taken care of every day. The beauty care fee is also very expensive, so after raising it, the money is like running water, and it is not the rich that dare not raise it.


Huskies are an expert demolitionist. They are the famous “class teacher” for demolition and relocation on the Internet. Many household destructions are done by him. Therefore, in addition to the monthly expenses for dog food and dog supplies, the cost of raising huskies is also It is necessary to pay extra for furniture maintenance, so most families who can afford it have sufficient funds and do not worry about its dismantling.

French bulldog:

frail and sickly, it was bred from a cross between a pug and a small terrier. Although the appearance is very cute and the body is very small, it does not eat much, so the monthly dog ​​food can be saved a lot, but the body still exists Many genetic defects, there may also be many genetic diseases, poor adaptability, sickness is commonplace, and it is a bottomless pit in medical expenses


: It is easy to be fat and prone to bone disease. It is born with small and short legs, but it has many genetic diseases, especially bone and joint diseases usually occur in adulthood and old age, and it is difficult to cure. Later maintenance costs are money

Giant Poodle

: The grooming fee is “giant”. Although it doesn’t eat much, but if you want to keep its appearance in a better state, you should take it to the pet store for grooming treatments regularly.

Shiba Inu

: Lively and active, independent and stubborn, and very curious, if you accidentally break something, you will have to pay compensation, so it is best to take care of your Shiba Inu when walking the dog.

Did your dog make the list?

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