The dog’s defecation posture represents its personality. What kind of dog is your dog?

I believe that many pet owners will observe the defecation situation of dogs. Different dogs have different defecation postures. I’m not afraid to tell you that the dog’s defecation posture represents its personality. What kind of dog is your dog?

1. Traditional

Personality: Know the rules, mature, steady

What is the traditional style? In fact, it is the most commonly used defecation posture for dogs. Dogs who like to defecate in traditional postures are more mature and stable in character, and they usually understand the rules very well, so they are more well-behaved dogs.

2. Look left and right

Personality: Vigilant

When a dog defecates, it always looks left and right, and will “quick fix” and leave quickly after pulling it. This type of dog is more vigilant, which also shows that it does not trust the surrounding environment, and it is afraid of being attacked at this time.

3. Leg raise

Personality: Love cleanliness, cleanliness

I don’t know if you have ever seen a dog leaning against the wall and raising one leg to defecate? In fact, the reason why dogs do this is that they don’t want to get their bodies dirty with Baba. This kind of dog loves cleanliness very much, and even has a cleanliness addiction. However, you will feel very comfortable with a dog who loves cleanliness.

4. Play while pulling

Personality: playful, active

If the dog can’t calm down when he defecates, he is either scratching the grass next to him, or he raises his head to show you a funny expression, or just shakes his head there, it means he is more playful , I usually like to have fun outside.

5. Hiding in the grass

Personality: Timid, fearful

If the dog must hide in the grass when he goes out to defecate, otherwise he would rather hold it than pull it, which shows that his character is also relatively timid and afraid of things. Usually, he will not take the initiative to play with his peers, and he will not dare to fight back if he is bullied by other dogs or animals.

6. Use the toilet

Personality: Smart, clever

Some dogs are really smart. When they see their owner defecate on the toilet, they will imitate them, and they will also distinguish between peeing and peeing. Even more exaggerated, they will flush after defecation, which is really a small dog. People are the same.

What position does your dog use to defecate? I believe that many pet owners will not only pay attention to the dog’s defecation posture, but also observe the dog’s poop situation, after all, this can reflect the dog’s health.


What kind of posture is your dog, and what is his personality like?

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