The master heard a scream and opened the door, and heard Erha shouting: Master, save me!


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Some netizens said that raising an Erha requires not only a strong heart, but also strong economic strength. Netizens: Your family has a mine in the back mountain? Or is there oil in the ground? I dare to raise a husky, I can imagine how terrible it is to raise a husky when I hear this sentence. The day before yesterday, when a netizen returned home, Erha vomited blood. The man heard a scream, opened the door and looked dumbfounded. Erha and the sofa at home actually “fit”.

Husky is known as the “demolition team leader” in the dog world. In its eyes, there is almost nothing that can’t be demolished, even walls can be demolished. When you put it at home alone, it will demolish the house when you come back. upside down. No, the man opened the door and didn’t find Erha, so he searched for it, and finally sent Erha on the sofa, but seeing Erha’s miserable man was dumbfounded, Erha: Don’t laugh, save me!

Although I don’t know what happened, but seeing Erha growing inside the sofa, Erha stretched out his head and looked at the man and yelled helplessly, and the sofa not only broke a big hole, but also the structure inside was all at a glance. No, the man can’t wait to run into the kitchen and take out a kitchen knife, Erha shouted: I said it was the sofa that moved first, do you believe it?

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