The scavenger man adopts 5 stray dogs, and his meager income is only enough to feed him, but he is respected by the whole town

The most important thing for people to live in this world is to keep their original intentions and know what kind of happiness they want. Even if you have a very hard life, but you are very rich inside, you will be very happy. Today I want to tell the story of a group of stray dogs and a scavenger tramp. It happened in a small town, there was a very simple dressed man, he was pushing a cart to the street every day to collect some waste that others had thrown away, and then he went to the recycling factory to sell it, which was the source of all his life.

Jobs like men’s, the standard of living is not too high, and they will be looked down upon by others for picking up garbage. However, the man was not excluded because of this, on the contrary, he also got the respect of many people, mainly because the man had a good heart! This also begins with a stray dog encountered earlier, when the man was picking up garbage and found stray dogs that were also looking for food in the garbage heap. The man looked at the dog very poorly, and did not stingy, but took his own drinking water and food from the trolley and fed it to the dog.

Originally thought that the dog would leave after eating, but did not expect that the dog has not left, but followed the man, as long as the man goes where it will follow. Dogs are so simple, whoever is good to it will remember people for a lifetime! Seeing that the dog trusted himself so much, the man decisively adopted it. Although he is also a home around, at least the dog has his owner, even if he has a home, he is no longer a stray dog!

After adopting this first stray dog, the man was out of control, because he often encountered dogs picking up garbage, so as long as it was a dog relative, he adopted them all, and adopted 5 stray dogs in a short period of time! Stray dogs are a hidden danger for the city, because not only the environment is not easy to manage, but also prone to mad dogs biting people, so the behavior of men adopting stray dogs sacrifices their own interests to a certain extent, and helps this town, which is respected by many people.

In fact, the man did not feel how great he was, and his original intention of adopting stray dogs was not to get anyone’s appreciation, it was purely pitiful that they did not have enough to eat without their owners. As the saying goes, dogs are not too poor, although their lives are very difficult, picking up garbage every day can only maintain food and clothing, but having a warm home, it is lucky enough for them! Every time a man goes out, these dogs will all come out, protect the man like a bodyguard, have each other’s company, and live a very happy life!

Later, after hearing his story, some well-wishers also donated a lot of dog food, and free dogs were groomed and neutered, etc., which reduced the burden on men to a certain extent. Maybe there will be a lever that raising a few stray dogs is nothing, and it will not solve the problem of stray dogs at all. But what have you done? At least the kindness of men can be seen and resonated, if everyone is so aware, stray dogs will really be less and less, who says it is useless?

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