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Master beware! Dog has kidney failure, just because “feeding too much egg yolk”? You must understand these 2 disadvantages


warn! Although there are many benefits for dogs to eat egg yolks, if they are given egg yolks every day, eating too much egg yolk can even lead to kidney failure in dogs!

The benefits of eating egg yolks for dogs

Supplement rich protein

Egg yolks are very rich in nutrients, and the most abundant protein in egg yolks is protein, which can provide enough protein for dogs. In addition, egg yolks are rich in amino acids, phosphorus, iron, etc., as well as rich in vitamins, which can supplement all aspects of nutrition for dogs.

Can care for the health of the dog’s hair

Egg yolks are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids can make the dog’s hair more beautiful. Therefore, eating more egg yolks can protect the dog’s hair and make the dog’s hair more beautiful and healthy.

Promotes brain development in dogs

Egg yolks are rich in lecithin, and we all know that lecithin can make dog hair more beautiful. But lecithin can also promote the development of the dog’s brain and enhance the dog’s memory. Moreover, lecithin can also promote the metabolism of dogs and improve the immunity of dogs.

Helps with dog eyes

Egg yolk contains lutein, which can protect the eyes of dogs and can effectively filter ultraviolet rays. It can alleviate the problem of dog eye aging, and it is very helpful to have more dog eyes.

What happens when dogs eat egg yolks every day?

Indigestion in dogs

When feeding yolks to dogs, some owners will give their dogs the whole egg for convenience. If the whole egg is eaten every day, it will cause indigestion in the dog, which is a heavy burden on the dog’s intestines. Because egg white contains avidin, it can cause gastrointestinal discomfort in dogs.

Prone to obesity

The yolk is very rich in fat, and most of the fat of an egg is stored in the yolk. If you give your dog egg yolk every day, it will easily lead to obesity in the dog, and the last thing waiting for the dog is pancreatitis, heart disease, and even kidney failure and other health problems.

Try not to use egg yolk as a staple food for dogs. It is best to feed dogs with some nutritionally balanced dog food as their staple food.

If the dog usually likes to eat egg yolk, the owner can buy some egg yolks for the dog as a small snack, which can satisfy the dog’s cravings, but will not worry about adding too much.

The editor has something to say, how often does your dog eat egg yolks?

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