The guide dog was exhausted, but the bus was crowded and there was no place to lie down. The passerby stretched out his legs and let the dog lie down, so heartwarming ❤

This heart-warming incident happened to a very sincere, kind and beautiful young brother abroad. On his way to work in the morning, he saw a blind passenger leading a guide dog on the bus. The crowded carriage had no more space for it. The dog is lying down.

after awhile,

Suddenly I felt something touched my knee. It turned out that the dog put his chin on his lap lightly. The kind little brother just looked down and saw the dog’s tired eyes

Patting the leg, indicating that the dog can rest on his lap for a while.

(Guide dog Labrador dog)

The Labrador dog wearing blue overalls, with a hint of tiredness in his gentle eyes, may be too tired to accompany the owner on the road, and his expression became very relieved when he was lying on the lap of the kind-hearted little brother,

It seems that I am lucky to finally find a place where I can relax temporarily and take a break.

This scene is so heartwarming~

It was previously reported that

Someone accidentally stepped on the guide dog’s tail while riding in the car, but in order not to attract the owner’s attention, the dog frowned in pain, but did not make a little sound from beginning to end.

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