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The owner went upstairs alone to see the house, the dog waited obediently in the car, and when he looked out the window, he saw the dog “healing smile”, the dog: Master I will not go Oh ~ ~


The owner climbed the 4th floor to see that the house had been peeking in, and turned his head to see that the picture was melted!

Hemp probe looked at it, and it showed a warm smile! The pet owner, Sandy, has a dog named Meeks, and on this day Sandy took Meeks to see the house together, and when he got to the building, he put the dog on the motorcycle pedal and went up alone.

1. “Mommy I’m good-

After going upstairs, Sandy was a little uneasy, looking out the window, only to see Meeks obediently standing on the pedal, seeing the master appear, he showed a warm smile, and his expression seemed to say “Mommy I have a good yo”

In an interview, Sandy said that Meeks is her family, and this time he took it to see the house, but also to find a new home for the hairy child and himself: “I looked down from the 4th floor, called it by name, and the dog smiled when he saw me.”

2. There is only mom in the eyes

Sandy adopted Meeks from the Night Bazaar 5 years ago, when it was only a few months old.

As the dog grew larger, Sandy found it surprisingly stable and would behave quietly even in public places.

Once she took Meeks to a restaurant, and it wasn’t until the end of the meal that the owner discovered the presence of the dog.

In his spare time, Sandy often travels with his dog, and no matter how lively the scenic spot is, he only has Ma Ma in his eyes

When the weather is good, I will also meet friends and take my dog out to play.

After seeing the photos, many netizens said that “the dog is so cute with a smile”, “This smile I can always see”, “Do you feel very much like waiting for your boyfriend downstairs?” “A loyal dog looks like a loyal dog, and there is only the master in his eyes!”

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