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I sent Alaska to take a bath, and when I went to pick it up, I was blocked by the store owner. The store owner: Take your dog with you!



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The last thing a cat and dog shovel officer wants to do for them is to take a bath. First, they are not restful in bathing, and bathing them is like killing them; secondly, it will also dirty the hygiene of the home. So many shit shoveling officers would rather spend money to send them to the pet store for a bath. So the editor is also very distressed for the staff who bathe cats and dogs in pet stores, but it’s really hard.

Let’s take a look at the following little story, it’s really distressing and laughing. This shit shoveling officer has an Alaska at home, and its hair is really thick. Every time it was time to bathe it, the shit shovel officer would feel a headache, and then he simply sent it to the pet store for a bath.

This day, the shit shovel officer sent Alaska to the pet store to take a bath. When I waited for a while to pick it up, I felt a little sorry after seeing the scene in front of me. black. It’s supposed to cost more money, right?

It turned out that the staff had already bathed it, and now it is left to blow its hair. Because the hair loss in Alaska is relatively serious, the whole scene is like “Ximen Blowing Snow”. The staff’s heads and bodies are covered with hair. The original young brother has turned into a bad old man, presumably at this time. His heart was also extremely broken.

Hahahaha, seeing this scene, a piece of BGM appeared in the editor’s heart: snowflakes fluttering, the north wind is Xiaoxiao. Hey, it’s not easy to make money.

I am Xiaopai, a pet editor who tells the story of fur boys. I hope my stories can make more people fall in love with fur boys.

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