A pet dog who has lived in a cage since childhood has never stepped out of the cage, but the child has bitten the cage.

Do you believe? Some dogs, although they have owners, do not live as well as stray dogs. What is even more uncomfortable is that there are not a few such dogs.

Bai Xingren is such a dog. His home is an iron cage of less than two square meters. Since he was brought home by the owner, Bai has lived here. For 5 years, he has never stepped out of the cage. half step.

Pet dog kept in cage for 5 years

Seeing Ah Bai’s first glance, the rescuer, Sister Jin, had mixed feelings in her heart. She couldn’t tell whether she was shocked or distressed. She has saved many furry children. To be honest, the situation of this dog is really worse than that of a stray dog. !

The little guy curled up in the corner in fear, his eyes were full of horror, because all food, drink, and laxation were solved in the cage, the dog’s body exuded an unpleasant smell, and the originally white hair was severely knotted and no color could be seen. , a large black piece, like armor, tightly adhered to the dog’s body.

The person who asked Sister Jin for help was not the dog’s owner, but the owner’s neighbor. According to her, Bai had been locked in a cage for at least 5 years, and during these 5 years, she had never seen The owner took it out for a walk.

That day, the neighbors heard Ah Bai howling and knew that the owner was beating him again. After inquiring, they learned that Wang Xingren, who had been locked in a cage, had given birth to 7 puppies for some unknown reason.

Because the gate will not be closed during the day, the neighbors guessed that it was probably a nearby stray dog ​​who sneaked into the yard… The neighbor didn’t want to meddle at first, but when the owner threatened to lose the 7 puppies, the sense of justice Overcome fear.

Sister Jin originally only planned to take a few puppies, but after seeing the mother dog’s condition, she couldn’t bear it. If she didn’t take Ah Bai away this time, she would probably spend the rest of her life in an iron cage. After negotiating with the owner, the eldest sister spent money to buy A Bai.

Dog turns back frequently when taken away

Even though Ah Bai has never experienced human care, his personality is very docile, more precisely, he is timid. When the eldest sister took it out of the cage, she could clearly feel the dog’s body and kept shaking.

When the limbs stepped on the ground, the dog seemed a little happy, and the tail shook slightly. After 5 years, it finally got out of the iron cage and felt the breath of freedom!

However, when the eldest sister took the dog out of the yard and was about to take it to the car, an accident happened! The dog, whose eyes were full of joy just now, suddenly turned around and rushed into the yard.

Ah Bai, who looked very thin, stubbornly dragged the traction rope back with the strength he didn’t know where he came from. If the eldest sister hadn’t pulled it in time, he might have really run back to the yard at this time.

The eldest sister pulled the rope and dragged the dog towards the car with difficulty, but the furry child turned back frequently and reluctantly looked back in the direction of “home”.

There is no way, loyalty is the attribute of the dog’s bones, no matter how the owner treats it, the dog will not betray the owner, unwilling to leave the home where it once lived.

Ironically, the dog’s beloved owner, after selling Abai, walked into the house, and he didn’t show up until the last moment when the dog left.

For the sake of the child, the dog mother bites the cage

Because before rescuing A Bai, the eldest sister also rescued another dog. The remaining cages were too small. Worried that Bai would step on the child, she put the mother dog and the puppy in two cages respectively. inside.

Who would have thought that shortly after the car was started, an unexpected situation occurred, and the puppies who left their mothers began to howl non-stop, echoing back and forth in the carriage.

Ah Bai, who heard this voice, actually started to frantically bite the cage. In less than a minute, the extremely hard cage was gnawed out by it, and half of the mother dog’s head stuck out. It struggled, growled, and fought. Do your best to stretch your body in the direction of the puppy.

This frightened Sister Jin. She rescued so many dogs. Bai was the first one to be so destructive. He was locked in a cage for 5 years before, and he never thought of destroying the cage and going out. For the sake of their own children, such a powerful force erupted, this is probably the power of maternal love!

The eldest sister hurriedly parked the car on the side of the road, took one out of the cage with the puppy and put it next to Ah Bai. After seeing her child, Ah Bai, who was originally irritable, instantly became quiet and took care of the little one. dog.

After arriving at the rescue station, when the cage containing the puppies was opened, Bai couldn’t wait to get in, carefully check the condition of each puppy, and nurse his children responsibly.

Dogs meet better owners

After the dog family settled down, the eldest sister took Bai to cut off the long armor-like hair that had been entangled for several years. At this time, the eldest sister realized how thin the dog was, with almost all bones on its body. The eyes are very bright and beautiful.

The time in the rescue station was one of the few happy times in Ah Bai’s life. Sister Jin deliberately put him and the puppies in a large yard.

In less than a month, A Bai, who was timid and fearful of others, became a cheerful relative. He led his children and ran wildly in the yard like a joy. Every puppy was raised by it to be white and plump, and it was very cute.

What makes the eldest sister even happier is that Bai has begun to trust her, and even took the initiative to show affection to her, which means that he can integrate into the adoptive family well in the future.

Generally speaking, the adoption rate of puppies is much higher than that of adult dogs. Bai’s two puppies have already been spotted and are about to go to their new homes.

When the puppy was taken away, Bai became anxious. He rushed out to go with the puppy, but was stopped by the staff, and the mother dog could only circle around the yard.

Maybe Abai is worried that his children will be locked in a dark cage like he used to be, don’t worry, Abai! The new owners of the two puppies are very responsible and kind people, and they will give the puppies a warm home.

The first half of Ah Bai’s life was full of hardships because of the wrong owner. I firmly believe that the rest of the dog’s life will be full of light and happiness. I wish Ah Bai and his remaining puppies a bright future.

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