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Bring food to the stray dog cubs, unintentionally look at the dog mother, the male owner decided to take it all home


We are all an instinct that they don’t love, and many people and I will pay all their efforts for their babies, even their own lives, just to save the dogs and babies and make the babies happy. When the men passed by a construction site, they found several fat puppies on the site, and the man thought that the puppies were really cute.

Then the man bought some food for the dogs, fell to the ground for the dogs to eat, and the puppies quickly gathered around and ate everything on the ground. Watching the babies eat with his mother, he did not go forward to eat, because he felt that the babies were full and went to eat again, and sure enough, maternal love was really great.

The man looked at the dog mother pitifully looking at the man, as if to say that if we give the dog baby to eat together, it would be too good, as if to thank the man, feel with the mother tearful look at the man, it is too painful, and bought some food and then gave the dog babies to eat in the hope that they can eat a full meal.

Then the man felt that he should simply take them home, because several dog babies did not have a fixed residence here, and the dog mother could not find so much food for the dog babies to eat, if this continued for a long time, the dog treasures would soon die, and finally the man took the four puppies home to take care of them.

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