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The owner forgot to cover the quilt in the afternoon, the warm-hearted Shiba Inu rubbed the owner to sleep, and warmed the owner with body temperature


As the saying goes, “If you don’t sleep in the morning, you will break down in the afternoon”, and naps are a habit that most people have. If you still have a dog at home, then you are likely to wake up and find that there is an extra ball of hair around you. Dogs love to take naps with their owners, and you never know what they’re doing while you’re asleep, sometimes they can surprise us.

It is said that some netizens have two Shiba Inu at home, the red chai is called Orange, and the suit chai is called Yuma. The favorite of the two dogs is Dad. On weekdays, the two dogs are almost Dad’s exclusive candy, and they stick to wherever Dad goes. Dad took a nap every day, and the two of them also acted as Dad’s left and right guardians every day, taking naps with Dad.

The weather is getting colder recently, and Dad is used to covering a small quilt when he takes a nap. Who knew that the two Chai Chai were unwilling. In the summer, I was used to napping against my father’s left and right arms, but now a small quilt has cut off the opportunity for them to get close to my father, and slept at my father’s feet intelligently and aggrievedly, which is hard to accept!

In order to stick with their father, the two dogs even had a bad idea. They moved the quilt little by little while Dad was asleep, and they also had a clear division of labor, and they were orderly. Tangerine is the workhorse of the whole operation, it is responsible for getting out of position and removing the quilt. In order not to be noticed by her father, Yuma is responsible for staying in place and covering. Such a big project, my father did not even notice the whole process.

After a long time, the work of removing the quilt was finally completed. Yuma may have waited too long and fell asleep right there. The orange, with a full sense of achievement, deliberately occupied the middle position – the stomach, to show off his masterpiece. When my mother walked into the room, what she saw was this picture: her husband was slumped on the bed in a “big” shape, with a red firewood lying on his stomach and a suit of firewood between his feet. The scene is both warm and somewhat comical.

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