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Why do dogs love to bite your shoes? Didn’t expect these 6 reasons, not just because it needs you



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I believe that many people who keep dogs at home always like to bite their shoes, so do you know why dogs love to bite your shoes? In fact, there are many reasons, let’s take a look~

dog habits

In fact, dog biting shoes may be caused by habit.

If they have such a habit since childhood, the owner does not stop it, and the dog does not know that such behavior is actually wrong, so they will gradually develop the habit, so when they grow up, they will naturally have this habit of biting shoes. .

dog is bored

The lives of dogs are actually relatively monotonous. If their owners are not at home or play with them, they may feel bored.

When dogs are bored, they want to find some fun, so biting shoes may be one of their “fun”, which can pass the time and relieve the boredom in their hearts.

dog miss you

If the owner is not at home all the time, it will make the dog miss you very much.

There is the smell of the owner on the shoes. When dogs miss their owner, they may just bite your shoes. Smelling your smell can also relieve the feeling of missing their owner.

dog revenge

Some dogs have a strong sense of revenge, and they are very good at heart.

If the owner taught the dog a lesson, or did something bad to the dog, some dogs may be dissatisfied, and they will have a revenge mentality. They may bite the owner’s shoes. This is their revenge on the owner. one of the ways.

itchy dog ​​teeth

The dog’s bite force is relatively strong, so you need to grind more teeth, and when the dog is changing teeth, their teeth will be unbearable, so they will like to bite things, and may bite your shoes.

dog wants to possess you

Dogs are quite possessive. If dogs love you, they will want to possess you, and they will want to touch your things.

That’s why dogs don’t bite other people’s shoes. They bite you. The closer you are, the more possessive your dog is about his things.

In fact, the dog loves to bite your shoes, maybe for some reason, the owner can understand.


Does your dog like to bite your shoes?

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