What’s up with the dog sighing? Are you in a bad mood? Maybe these 3 reasons


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Dear friends, in our daily life, we will definitely find that dogs sigh from time to time. We all think that dogs sigh is very funny, just like a child. In different situations, dogs sigh and express the same meaning. Different, let’s answer it for you next!

When helpless and reprimanded

In this case, a dog’s sigh is basically a very helpless expression. No matter if it’s a bad thing it’s doing, it’s really funny when it sees its eyes slanted and sighs.

Just finished an activity with the dog

If the owner has just completed an enjoyable activity with the dog, or went out for a stroll and came back together, then the dog’s sigh means that he is very satisfied.

I want to play with you but don’t respond

If your dog is begging you to play with him for a while and doesn’t get the response he deserves, the sigh means they’re very down.

The state of the dog’s eyes when sighing is also one of the manifestations. If the dog’s eyes are half-open when sighing, it means that it is very happy;

If its eyes are wide open when sighing, it means that it is somewhat dissatisfied.

Does your dog have any of these patterns and emotions?

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