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If the dog has these 7 kinds of performance, it means that it is very “painful”, don’t ignore it!


Usually, the shovel officer must observe the dog a lot. Although the dog can’t speak, some of its behaviors can express whether its body is abnormal. If the dog has the following symptoms, it means that it is very “painful”, don’t ignore it!

Performance 1: Back arched, tail tucked

Under normal circumstances, dogs have flat backs. If your dog often arches its back and has its tail tucked, the shovel officer should be alert. The dog who does this action is very likely to suffer from kidney stones or other diseases. At this time, it is best to go to the hospital for examination, early examination and early treatment.

Performance 2: Frequent licking of a place

Dogs will lick their fur to keep themselves looking clean. But if it often licks somewhere, the shovel officer should pay attention, there may be a wound there. Because of the wound, the dog will often lick it to relieve discomfort.

If there is a real wound, it is best to put an Elizabethan ring on the dog to prevent the dog from continuing to lick it.

Performance three: often tilted head

If your dog often tilts its head and shakes its head, you should check its ears to see if there are ear mites in the ears. Dogs with ear mites in their ears will feel itchy, and they will try to relieve the itching by tilting their heads and shaking their heads.

Therefore, the poop shovel officer should regularly clean the dog’s ears, and also dry the ears when bathing to prevent the ears from being wet and breeding ear mites.

Performance four: often squinting

The dog’s eyes can also judge whether the dog is unwell. For a dog who often squints, it may be that its eyes are inflamed, or it may enter something, and try to expel it through the action of squinting. So when the dog often squints, you can see if there is something in the eye.

Performance five: rubbing the butt

If your dog suddenly starts rubbing his butt all of a sudden, it’s time to pay attention. Generally, dogs with this phenomenon may have four reasons, one is caused by parasites, the other is inflammation of the anal glands, the third is skin infection, and the fourth is abnormal defecation.

Therefore, in addition to the regular deworming work, the shoveling officer usually squeezes the anal glands regularly.

Performance 6: Hit something with your head

If a dog hits something with its head, it is very abnormal. How can a normal dog hit something with its head, unless the brain makes it very painful, and the dog can’t stand it, it will slam into the wall hard .

Dogs with this phenomenon must go to the hospital to find out what is causing them.

Performance 7: The hair condition is very poor

Although the dog’s hair is not very clean in daily life, it is not very dirty. If the dog appears to be in poor condition and dirty. It may be that there is pain in the body that prevents them from caring about their appearance.

In addition, if you feed your dog high-salt and high-fat food every day, it will also make the dog’s hair look dull and aggravate its hair loss.

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