The old man goes out, the dog waits silently in the rain, and no one will bark away if the old man does not come back


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Recently, netizens in Bengbu, Anhui shared a touching video. After an old man went out, his dog was sitting on the side of the road waiting for him to come home. No matter it was windy or rainy, the dog didn’t care, and no one would bark if the old man didn’t come back.

In the video, it can be seen that it was raining heavily at that time, and the dog was sitting on the road outside the house, looking into the distance, looking forward to the owner’s return. When the family saw it, they called the dog home. The dog was puzzled at first and walked towards the house obediently. After the dog approached, the family told the dog to let him go into the house to hide from the rain and wait.

After the dog knew what the family meant, he almost couldn’t say thank you, but he turned around and returned, sitting on the road again, waiting for the owner to come home in the rain. I don’t know how long it took when the owner came back. The dog didn’t show any excitement, but just followed the old man silently. Wherever the old man went, the dog followed silently.

According to the photographer, the dog has been raised by his grandfather for many years. Dogs didn’t do this before, but only recently. This made him feel very moved and a little sad. I wonder if the dog felt something?

Netizens were also enthusiastic about this:

“Forgive me for being rude, but pay more attention. My dog ​​followed me before he left, and then sat next to me and watched me.”

“A man, a dog; man is old age, dog is loyalty; old man! I wish you a long life, dog! I pray you have company for the rest of your life.”

“When this dog sees this round body, he knows that you really miss him, so he is so rare to the whole family. I hope your family will continue to love him well.”

I have to say that dogs are really the most loyal friends of human beings. Compared with dogs, to be honest, there are many aspects of human beings that are ashamed of themselves. As long as you treat it well, it will never betray you. And human beings may stab you in the back at any time for a little benefit. I hope everyone can treat dogs well, you can not love them, but please don’t hurt them.

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