The stray dog ​​came to the door and stayed in the house of a well-meaning person. Do you want to leave it behind?

Ask all dog friends, where did your dog come from? Why do you want this cat as your pet?

You can’t help but believe it. Destiny is so magical sometimes. Just as you are about to raise a dog, you are smashed by this little thing. Or, it will make you give up the idea of ​​raising a dog and make you willing to be a shit shoveling officer?

begging for adopted stray dog

He has never owned a dog, and he can’t figure out how this dog could haunt him. In the eyes of others, this dog is very close to him, but in fact, he is not his dog at all. Is a stray dog.

Abe pondered for a long time, but couldn’t figure out why this kid was so attached to himself. If there is a reason, I’m afraid it can only be described as “destiny”!

Since you don’t even know what the dog’s name is, let’s call him “Xiao Bai”! A few days ago, Xiaobai suddenly came to his door. As soon as he opened the door, he saw a white fur ball lying at his feet.

Seeing this person, the puppy immediately threw himself on him, as if he had seen his family members who were longing for him. The middle-aged man looked bewildered. He had never owned a dog.

Before he could react, the dog rushed into the house with brisk steps, as if this was its home. This new little guy actually asked Ying to be the housekeeper Wang. If there was any movement outside, he would make a vigilant cry.

There is only one Abe and one wife in the family, but Xiaobai likes Abe very much. Wherever he goes, he will go, and he will follow wherever he goes, and he will follow him wherever he goes.

find owner for dog

Although this dog is very cute, Abe did not intend to adopt it at first, because he had never raised a dog, and because he noticed that the dog’s fur was very clean, and he also brought a pregnant woman with him. The traces should be owned by the owner.

Abe guessed that the dog should have come out of the house and wanted to let Xiaobai go back alone, so he was “driven” away, and Xiaobai was outside.

The dog that was kicked out did not leave immediately, but continued to wait at the door. The poor puppy, scratching the door with his paws, whimpered. In the end, he finally gave in and let the puppy in. .

If Xiaobai got lost, he would definitely be very worried, so Abe sent him to the veterinary hospital, but unfortunately there was no chip.

Abe posted the dog-seeking notice in the village, and took Xiaobai everywhere, while the enthusiastic village chief used a loudspeaker to inform the villagers. Don’t tell me, I really found some clues.

A man said that his neighbor seemed to have a white dog, but when he went to his house with Xiaobai, he realized that his dog was not lost.

Another person familiar with the matter said his neighbor appeared to have a dog that was just born. However, when he and Xiaobai went to see it together, they unexpectedly found that the dog of the family was not lost, and the appearance of the two dogs was exactly the same.

Abe got a lot of clues, but after checking one by one, no one was Xiaobai, because the village is too small, so this dog has been known to everyone.

If the owner wants to find him, it is an easy task. The only thing he can do now is to pray that the dog will not be abandoned by the owner, so that Xiaobai will not be so sad.

Do you want to keep this dog here?

Abe searched for a long time but couldn’t find the owner. What will happen to this dog in the future? Abe was a little distressed by the dog’s trusting eyes. Having been with this dog for so long, he has fallen in love with it. Now, Abbe has decided to adopt the dog before his owner returns.

Volunteer: What if the dog’s owner no longer appears?

Abe: Then let him live on!

In this vast sea of ​​people, you took the initiative to come to me and chose me without hesitation, then I will not let you down and let me be with you.

I hope this kind uncle’s family, and this cute puppy, can continue to be happy during this time.

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