The little husky committed two crimes as soon as weaned, the owner put garlic to drive “two”, and Erha’s reaction was drunk


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Speaking of huskies, everyone is familiar with them. This is a very popular pet dog. Huskies originally lived in the arctic regions of Siberia and made a living by pulling sleds and doing heavy work. After being regarded as a family pet dog, with their handsome appearance and lively personality, It quickly became popular in Wangjie and won the love of many people.

Although huskies are cute, they have some bad quirks, such as love to tear down the house, barking, and strange behavior. Netizen Xiaoqi just bought Erha milk dog, and he started to commit Erha just two or three days after he came home. For this reason, Xiaoqi He also set up a “garlic” formation for the puppy.

The Erha of Xiaoqi’s family is only 37 days old to be precise. On the 35th day, Xiaoqi took it home. At first, the puppy was timid and a little scared. After feeding the first dog food, Er Ha began to let loose, not only began to have fun, but also hugged Xiao Qi’s feet and gnawed on slippers.

That night, the mice in Xiaoqi’s house frightened Erha to scream “Ow”. Erha’s voice was very penetrating, and Xiaoqi was awakened from his sleep in an instant, resulting in severe lack of sleep the next day. Nothing to do is listless.

Xiaoqi’s family has a bumper harvest of garlic this year. After planting only one mu of land, he harvested several pockets of garlic. In order not to let half a year’s hard work go to waste, Xiaoqi’s father piled garlic in the storage room for sale. The cub is accompanied by several large packets of garlic every day.

Xiaoqi saw that garlic had an idea, and it was said among the people that garlic can exorcise evil spirits. Xiaoqi put a garlic array on Erha to help Erha drive away the “two”. Xiaoqi put Erha on the ground and placed it around it. After a circle of garlic, the garlic formed a triangle. Who knew that Erha didn’t care about garlic at all. Not only did he lie on the ground and hug the garlic, he also left a mark on the garlic by peeing. I have to say that this formation of Xiao Qi It has no effect on Erha at all.

Xiaoqi couldn’t help laughing when he saw Erha’s actions. Erha is indeed a different kind of dog.

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