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There is a dog dedicated to the commuter MRT, took the initiative to find strange passengers to paste, was awarded the “Healing Dog Award” by passers-by: super warm heart ~


For office workers, the daily commute is undoubtedly boring and long, most of them are brushing their mobile phones or listening to their own songs, and they do not want to communicate with the passengers around them at all – unless the passenger is a Cocoa [love ☆ love] Wang Xingren, that is another matter.

Cosmo is a greyhound hound, generally this kind of hound has a relatively unique personality, and it takes a long time for them to develop a sense of trust in humans.

But for Cosmo, from the moment its paws step on the MRT carriage, it is not at all the lonely hound that others think of.

Lane, the owner of Cosmo, said that as a greyhound hound, Cosmo can be regarded as an outlier, and it especially likes to be close to strangers, that is, to get along with everyone.

After taking it to the MRT, it will take its owner to walk around the carriage without disturbing the passengers, and if someone greets it, it will be happy, and it will be posted with people when it goes up.

And Lane also likes to watch everyone on the MRT happy because of the appearance of Cosmo, after all, after a hard day, if there is such an understanding dog to come up and hug, then any troubles can disappear!

Of course, after entering the MRT, Lane also paid attention to Cosmo’s every move at any time, although it was very excited to see so many people, but also to ensure that it did not cause trouble to those strange passengers. Sometimes it would stand up as soon as it was happy, with two front legs resting on the legs of a seated passenger, a move Lane feared would frighten some.

But fortunately, Cosmo seems to be very good at watching people, and every time it stands up and puts its two front paws on people’s legs, almost everyone will be happy and will also stroke its small head.

Now that Cosmo has become the honorary healing dog on the MRT, it is also a little famous!

Sometimes some passengers will come over and ask if they can hug it and touch it, and every time Cosmo is naturally generous, it is not rejected, but it can be touched!

In fact, it is no accident that Cosmo is so understanding, when Lane took it home, he was in a state of depression and was very resistant to the environment of being alone.

Since the cosmo came, it has been inseparable from its side, even sleeping on Lane’s lap, making people feel particularly safe.

With the advent of Cosmo, both its owner and strangers on the MRT feel that they have been warmly healed, let us say out loud: Thank you Cosmo!

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