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After the dog was paralyzed, the owner never gave up on it, and a miracle happened two months later!



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The dog is paralyzed, and the owner is very distressed, thinking that the dog is just like this in this life, but although the owner is distressed, he has not given up on treating the dog. The owner has made a plan to help the dog recover.

Since the dog can’t walk, the owner walks with it in his arms and massages the dog’s feet while walking, hoping that this method can relieve the dog’s foot pain, and massage can also help the dog restore the blood circulation of the joints.

After a period of treatment, the dog’s paralysis has been relieved. Although it cannot stand up completely, it has been a very good change, and the owner is more confident to cure the dog.

The dog has a very high status in the home. The owner and the whole family treat the dog as their own child to take care of. During the treatment, the whole family helps, which also makes the dog feel the warmth of home.

In addition to normal walking, the owner will also use this water treatment method to let the dog walk slowly in the water. After all, there are joint problems, and many contact with water will cause problems, so there are many treatment methods.

After 8 weeks of treatment, the dog finally returned to normal and the dog can walk normally. This scene was posted on the Internet, and netizens also said: Thank you to the owner for his persistence in the dog. It was the owner who made the dog stand up again. Netizens, give this master a thumbs up.

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