Sure enough, girls love to keep “male dogs”. People who understand these 5 reasons “understand them in seconds”


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If you have paid attention to people who keep dogs around you, you will definitely find that most of the girls who keep dogs are “male dogs”. Do you know why? People who understand “understand in seconds”!

Holding to sleep: more peace of mind

Girls usually like to sleep with big plush dolls in their arms, while male dogs are larger and have stronger meat, which can make girls feel more secure.

Especially when sleeping in winter, holding a fluffy male dog will not only feel more at ease, but also keep warm!

Male dog: more eye-catching

Anyone who has compared males to females knows that females look purer and don’t have the stern appearance of males.

Moreover, the bones of male dogs are better developed, so they look more handsome. It is perfect for girls to raise their eyes!

Physique: Better than a bitch

Male dogs exercise a lot. Unlike female dogs, they always like to be alone, so they don’t exercise enough and their physical fitness is not so good.

And the male dog has enough energy to jump around there all day long, so its physical fitness is very good, and if you feed it, you don’t have to worry about it getting sick frequently.

Getting along: more harmonious

As the saying goes: Men and women match, work is not tired!

In fact, for the same reason, girls will have more fun when they play with boys, so girls like to keep male dogs because they will get along better with male dogs. This is the so-called: opposite sex attracts.

In addition, girls are very weak, and they raise male dogs. They usually go shopping, take couriers, and let them help them carry them back. Therefore, most girls choose to keep male dogs.

Breeding a male dog: more peace of mind

Girls hate troublesome people, so they all choose to keep male dogs!

The male dog will be more worry-free and labor-saving, because it does not have a period like the female dog, and there is no need to worry that the male dog will give birth to a bunch of pups.


Do you have a male dog or a female dog?

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