At work, I found a lion in the office. I turned my head and smiled. The expression was too aggrieved.

Nowadays, people have more and more tricks to keep pets, and many shit shoveling officers are not willing to reduce their cuteness to “mediocre”, so they rack their brains to dress them up.

Recently, a netizen saw a “mighty” big lion in the company when he went to work. He was shocked when he saw its expression and burst into laughter!

That day, the netizen entered the office as usual, but as soon as he opened the door, he found a big lion lying lazily on the ground.

The netizens were so frightened that their hairs stood upright, and they were very flustered, for fear that they would make a little noise to attract the attention of “Lion”. Just when he was at a loss, the big “Lion” suddenly turned around. He was about to scream, but the next second he saw the “Lion”‘s face, and he laughed out loud.

It turned out that this was actually a dog pretending to be!

Later, he learned that the boss felt that his dog was not domineering enough, so he added these hairs on its head. Sure enough, the effect is very good.

But the dog seems a little unhappy, dog: super hot, okay?

Although it’s a bit pitiful, it’s really funny to have no love in this life, hahahaha!

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